Let's Talk About POSE and LGBT History Education In Schools | Part 1

  • Published: 14 August 2019
  • So, of course I wanted to have a cute conversation about last night's episode of Pose. I absolutely loved it. I think they gave us a feel good episode to prepare us for the intensity that the finale is about to be. But I also wanted to talk about this whole situation in Illinois regarding the education system including LGBT history. There are a lot of people angry about this but not enough people making sense. Let's talk
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Comments • 33

  • Beloved Bee
    Beloved Bee  2 days back

    Also adrian, you mind talking about Jeff Epstein

    • Beloved Bee
      Beloved Bee  2 days back

      aww. I loved the intro, why is adrian so cute.

      • DzLoveLIFE
        DzLoveLIFE  2 days back

        Adults are the ones tht sexualize everything ,children just want to be children a lil bit in heels or a little girl playing ball is what that child likes but parents put fear n sexualize everything so we fear everything

        • Deniesha Clowers
          Deniesha Clowers  2 days back


          • Despina Şıvan
            Despina Şıvan  2 days back

            i love and appreciate you, thank you 💕✨🙌🏻✨💕

            • Cole
              Cole  3 days back

              I was expecting him to sing: "I'm,...I'm....I'm....I'm still Queerr...."

              • Jarrell Debose
                Jarrell Debose  3 days back

                They needa "Get With Programmmm" O,O,Oprah! 90's daytime talk show realness Sis Smh

                • Indiegirl007
                  Indiegirl007  3 days back

                  Those Ladies Man t-shirts are disgusting.

                  • Monica Pettiford
                    Monica Pettiford  3 days back

                    Adrian evrybodys talking bout u, n j??????

                    • ramelep
                      ramelep  3 days back

                      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! 💕 speak the TRUTH

                      • Carl Euegene
                        Carl Euegene  3 days back

                        15 seconds in and I pressed the thumbs up button.

                      • Lawanda Brown
                        Lawanda Brown  3 days back

                        I agree with everything you said

                        • Chlove3
                          Chlove3  3 days back

                          omg you better speak the truth! I love your messages <3

                          • JAY ZIDOR
                            JAY ZIDOR  4 days back


                            • Nikki Shawn
                              Nikki Shawn  4 days back

                              My young niece and nephews doesn't need to learn about somebody else's sexual preferences stop pushing y'all sexuality on our children let them be kids damn...#notice they only pushing this agenda on the black community🤔

                              • Tiffany Robertson
                                Tiffany Robertson  2 days back


                                It is not teaching sex. It's about our history. LGBTQIA history is black history. Many prominent black figures are/were LGBTQIA. We ARE apart of the black community. There is no separation. Period.

                              • Sherrod McKeithan
                                Sherrod McKeithan  2 days back

                                Gurrrlllll.... as much as I had to watch straight women and men be sexualized and I still turned out gay.... let’s stop with the forcing gayness on kids. These kids know wtf is going on. Furthermore, your nieces and nephews may need to learn about sexual preferences bc they may be apart of the same exact lifestyle your sheltering them from. #areyoudumb

                              • Indiegirl007
                                Indiegirl007  3 days back

                                So they can see mommy and daddy kissing and hugging. That display of sexual preference is okay. They can know about that. But they can't know about other types of love/sexual preferences? Most hetero people knew who they were attracted to back in kindergarten. And so did a lot of gays. Kids know.

                              • Lawanda Brown
                                Lawanda Brown  3 days back

                                It's a part of our history ..They not teaching sex but all communities need to know they contributed to this country.

                            • msgettescarter
                              msgettescarter  4 days back

                              My 12 yr old is hollering preach! 🤣🤣.

                              • jetblackhair92
                                jetblackhair92  4 days back

                                Ugh lgbtq history in schools? Are you mad? Black history or native American history isn't being taught. Foh

                                • Lawanda Brown
                                  Lawanda Brown  2 days back

                                  I took black history as well

                                • Stupidity is a disease Get well soon
                                  Stupidity is a disease Get well soon  3 days back

                                  jetblackhair92 the new Curriculum actually has those as mandates subjects too but y’all just took “LGBT” and ran with it because your homophobia gives you short term illiteracy and makes you incapable of actually Reading shit

                                • XJ Johnson
                                  XJ Johnson  4 days back

                                  They actually do have black history as a course, I took it as a sophomore.

                                • Nikki Shawn
                                  Nikki Shawn  4 days back


                              • Michelle Hill
                                Michelle Hill  4 days back

                                Sis, tell trade don’t be interrupting our lives with these phone calls😂

                                • Reidee
                                  Reidee  4 days back

                                  Not America’s favorite twink jsksjsj 😂💀💀

                                • The HYENA #makeupslayer

                                  Biiiiiitch!!! Yasss gimme yo gimme yo gimme yo wig! Thats a whole bop and a half. Instantly start twerking anytime i hear it! We neeeeeed a video boo

                                  • Tyler Hackner
                                    Tyler Hackner  4 days back

                                    People trying to whitewash LGBTQ history the same way they did to black history. It’s the cycle of oppression.

                                    • DzLoveLIFE
                                      DzLoveLIFE  2 days back

                                      Yeah but one thing I'll say us LGBT ppl we too loud . Too many races will b disrespected